Mexican Imports


The word “Chula” means Cute or Beautiful in Spanish. The concept behind Chula Sandals is to introduce a sandal that embodies all those characteristics a Woman looks for in a sandal; Comfort, Durability and Elegance.
 The Chula sandal can now be found throughout Mexico, Guatemala, Puerto Rico, Panama, United States and Europe.


  • Chula Sandal’s founded in 2006
  • Developed in Mexico’s famous Playa de Carmen.
  • Inspiration by the exotic colours and designs of the Mexican Caribbean
  • Design based on a sandal which would give women the freedom to change the look of her sandal by simply changing her lace.



Unique open plane Sandal allows the feet to remain cool yet secure with a lace that you can strap around your ankle for extra support.
The lace itself is made from 100% Lycra, which provides comfort and security with the added bonus of being flexible when wet and not fading away or deteriorating when exposed to salt water. A final touch of elegance is added to the lace which is a silver ring to completing the tying process.

The sole of the Chula Sandal is designed for both comfort and protection, made from the highest level of durable Synthetic material; the upper sole is 85% Elastane and 15% Polyamide.

This unique combination allows for a flexible, fresh sandal that won’t heat up in hot weather and can be worn all day without putting any tension or stress on the feet which is an added bonus. The lower part of the sole is EVA Synthetic with a flower pattern finish on the bottom which is unique to the Chula Sandal design.

CHULA now also available at Enstyle, Mengelmoes Shop, 100 Bree street, Parys    -     Marthie Botha 082 9299 527.